La Cloche Trauma Institute

Overcoming Trauma and Building Resiliency Through Peer Support, Psychoeducation - Coaching, and Learning

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La Cloche Trauma Institute's mission is to help first responders, combat veterans, their families, and individuals prevent or overcome the effects of trauma through learning and peer support. In addition to consulting, workshops, and speaking engagements, La Cloche Trauma Institute provides three types of programs:

  • Online learner-centred integrated Psychoeducation using evidence-informed Cognitive Behaviour and Transformational Learning Theory to help build resilience, 
  • Faith-based courses (in person) where peers can help each other overcome trauma, not as a support group but as a network of people helping each other find meaning regardless of the traumas that have been experienced, and
  • Individual Christian faith-based Mental Health Psychoeducation - Coaching.

Our programs are available for individuals, groups, and organisations. The services offered are not a replacement for appropriate psychological or medical care. Leaders and educators do not provide counselling or therapy and should not be a substitute for professional assessment or treatment. If trauma is impacting daily function, seeking counsel from professionals is recommended. Read more About Us ...