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Our Chaplain services are Christian, Protestant-based, and non-denominational. A Chaplain acts in a multifaceted role that provides mental, spiritual, and emotional support to both first responders and the individuals affected by emergencies or crises, before, during, and after, contributing to the overall well-being and resilience of communities in times of adversity.

We are available in the Espanola ON and North Shore area for all First Responders.

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Mental Health Psychoeducation - Coaching

What is Mental Health Psychoeducation - Coaching? It may be easier to explain what it is not. Mental Health Psychoeducation - Coaching is not therapy. A psychoeducator/mental health coach does not delve into past events. They do not identify root causes or diagnose illness, and they do not provide therapeutic interventions. The focus of a psychoeducator/mental health coach is looking forward; prevention, learning, and transformation of self and worldviews - built on relationship - a peer, guide, and facilitator that helps individuals see the world in a different way, changing how you know.

 For detailed information on what this means and the philosophy of psychoeducation, please see David Wolff's Philosophy of Psychoeducation.

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David Wolff is available for consulting, speaking, and workshop engagements. Topics include resiliency, PTSD prevention, recovery, transformational learning, psychological health and safety management systems and organisational change. For more information about David Wolff, see the About Us page.

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