About Us

Our Philosophy

The foundation of our program is transformation of self to meet the demands of this world. 

Our Chaplain services are Christian, Protestant-based, and non-denominational, and consists of a multifaceted role that provides mental, spiritual, and emotional support to both emergency responders and the individuals affected by emergencies or crises.

Our mental health psychoeducation - coaching uses a psychoeducation philosophy that incorporates concepts drawn from reality therapy, rational emotive behaviour therapy, existentialism, constructivism, transformational learning theory, and spirituality from a Christian faith-based perspective. Although counselling may be involved, it is not therapy and should not be a substitute for professional assessment or treatment. If trauma is impacting daily function, seeking counsel from professionals is recommended.

Our resiliency courses incorporate concepts drawn from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy psychoeducational concepts and Transformational Learning Theory. Spiritual concepts are included from both a secular perspective as a component of self as well as including the concept of a greater power in the form of God. 

Our recovery programs, include a unique blend of clinical insight with Christian faith-based support, but at the same time, not preachy.

David Wolff's Psychoeducation Philosophy 

Our Leadership

La Cloche Trauma Institute is led by David Wolff. David is a paramedic who began his career in 1986 and has a wide range of experience in the public and private sectors, including direct provision of care, teaching, and management at all levels. David has worked as a Primary Care Paramedic, owned and operated a Patient Transportation Service, and served as a college Paramedic Program Coordinator/Instructor. In 2008, David moved into paramedic services management performing many diverse roles including Quality Assurance Manager, Field Superintendent, Commander of Training, and Deputy Chief (A), becoming a Certified Municipal Manager (CMM III, EMS Executive) prior to returning to school in 2017.

David began his academic career in 2002, completing a Bachelor's Degree in Clinical Practice at Charles Sturt University in 2009 (part-time), a Master’s Degree of Adult Education at St. Francis Xavier University, NS (2017-2020), where he focused on the study of reflective practice as a PTSD resiliency tool, and has also completed the First Responder's PTSD Prevention and Recovery Certificate at SFU, BC (2018-2020). David is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Community Care and Counseling: Traumatology Cognate, at Liberty University, VA, USA where he is continuing in this stream of research, focusing on personal worldviews and their relationship with stress and resilient identities. David has also completed multiple university courses in Adult Education and Health and Safety (2010-2018), and continues to supplement his formal education with other certificate programs such as Christian Leadership Institute's Licensed Chaplain Certificate, Light University's Christian Mental Health Coaching (Board Certified Mental Health Coach), and Wounded Warriors Warrior Health Introduction to Trauma Exposed Professionals.

David has published his research in national industry magazines and peer-reviewed journals and has presented his research at national and international academic conferences. David is a fellow with the McNally Project, a Research Appraiser in the Prehospital Evidence Base Practice program at Dalhousie University, a member of Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment's (CIPSRT's) Academic, Researcher, and Clinician (ARC)  Network, and Provincial Chair of Ontario Paramedic Association's (OPA) Paramedic Wellness Committee.

For more information, see https://DavidWolff.ca

Our Vision for the Future

Our vision is to build a yurt and multiple bunkies on our 10.5 acre hobby farm, located in the La Cloche foothills (Espanola), to be used for Reboot meetings and retreats.

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