About Us

Our Philosophy

The foundation of our program is transformation of self to meet the demands of this world. In our resiliency programs, this can be found in the use of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy concepts and Transformational Learning Theory. Spiritual concepts are included from both a secular perspective as a component of self as well as including the concept of a greater power in the form of God. Our recovery programs, include a unique blend of clinical insight with Christian faith-based support, but at the same time, not preachy.

Course Fees

Our courses are free for the participants.

Not for Profit

La Cloche Trauma Institute operates in a not for profit capacity, but we do incur substantial costs. Donations are encouraged. Click Here to support us. All funds go towards capital programs, operating costs, and human resources.

Our Vision for the Future

Our vision is to build a yurt and multiple bunkies on our 10.5 acre hobby farm, located in the La Cloche foothills, to be used for Trauma Recovery meetings and retreats.

Our Leadership

La Cloche Trauma Institute is lead by David Wolff. David is a paramedic who began his career in 1986 and has a wide range of experience in the public and private sector including direct provision of care, teaching, and management at all levels. In addition to being a paramedic, David holds a Bachelor's of Clinical Practice, A Master's of Adult Education where he focused on the study of a reflective practice as a PTSD resiliency tool using a framework of transformational learning, and is currently a Doctor of Education (Community Care and Counseling: Traumatology) student. For more information about David, please visit https://davidwolff.ca.


David Wolff is available for speaking and workshop engagements and provides fee for service consulting and psychoeducation on the topics of resiliency, recovery, and transformational learning, and psychological health and safety management systems.

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