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La Cloche Trauma Institute operates in a not for profit capacity. We do not want money to stand in the way of healing and therefore do not ask for a set fee. Donations are encouraged. But if the individual can afford to pay, "Let the one who is taught the word share in all good things with the one who teaches" (Gal 6:6). 


Chaplain - Free - We do not charge fees for Chaplain services. Donations are encouraged.  Click Here to support us.

Mental Health Psychoeducation - Coaching (Individual or Groups) Pay what you can We do not have a set fee for Psychoeducation - Mental Health Coaching. Participants are asked to pay what they can afford.  Click Here to support us.

Reboot Programs  Free - We do not charge fees for Reboot Programs but participants are expected to purchase course materials at an approximate cost of $30. Financial aid is available. Donations are encouraged.  Click Here to support us

Changing your Mind Online Course  - Free - Please contact us.

Support us with a Dollar a Day

For less than one dollar per day ($30/month), you can support a local Ministry and help First Responders Mental Health at the same time. All for less than buying a coffee each day. Please click here to set up your automatic withdrawals for $30/Month.

Consulting and Professional Services

Consulting, speaking, and workshop engagements are based on $100 per hour plus expenses. Topics include resiliency, PTSD prevention, recovery, transformational learning, organisational change, and psychological health and safety management systems.

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